Friday, August 5, 2011

I've Been Slacking

I'm very sorry that I haven't been keeping up like I should have with this thing. I promise it will change!  (Maybe...)

For now, I appease you with links:

In case you've been living under a rock, HHS has now mandated that insurers cover birth control and other preventative women's health (STI screening, HPV vaccines, breast exams, etc) without copays under the new Health Reform Act.  Yay!  Most companies will phase into the new requirements within a year, but all must have switched their policies by January 2013.  It's about time we started viewing well-woman exams and birth control as preventative medicine (like the rest of the Western World...).

Anna Lekas Miller has a great guest post over at Feministe about the disproportionate affect lack of sex education has on women.  I was straight up told, growing up, that I was and was not allowed to do certain things because "you can't get a boy pregnant."  Holding girls responsible to not getting pregnant until it is deemed "okay" to, and at the same time depriving them of the information and tools they need to do so, is sabotaging those girls' chances at having responsible sex lives.

And finally, L'Oreal has a really funny video up to promote their lines of men's beauty products featuring Hugh Laurie (who I may or may not have a total celeb crush on...):

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