Sunday, August 7, 2011

Link Dump

Some awesome women in Columbia are pulling a Lysistrata in order to get the road to their town paved.  The lack of access is severely affecting the quality of life in the town (including the death of a pregnant woman because an ambulance got stuck), and the women refuse to let this go on any longer.

Apparently, women with P.H.D.s make around the same as men with B.A.s.  Even though more women are graduating from college than men.  Awesome.

Don't you just love when obvious research is obvious?  Like when they found out that bras, even sports bras, don't actually do all that much in the way of supporting breasts.  Well, to add to the pile of obvious things women already know about women's bodies (but scientists are just figuring out), a new study discovered that vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms feel different!  Shocking!  Emily Yoffe over at Slate has a point, I think, when she says that maybe we should have more women studying female sexuality, and more male lab techs getting out of the lab more often...

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