Friday, February 25, 2011

Impossible Realities

(Names have either been changed or characterized)

For the uninitiated, it just so happens that the particular area of the Midwest in which I dwell is an Arts powerhouse. Cincinnati, Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, are all artistic centers. There are many important creative endeavors enshrined in those cities. I highly recommend that if anyone has the chance, to check out any one (or all) of these cities and do a little exploring of the local art scenes.

On Thursday the 24th, my intermediate printmaking class went on a group trip to the Akron Art Museum to check out an exhibition they have on display featuring M.C. Escher, titled Infinite Realities (up February 12th through May 29th 2011). Escher is perhaps one of the most recognized artists out there; right up there with Picasso and Van Gogh. While many believe his works to be very fine pencil drawings, they are actually (for the most part) incredibly detailed and refined Lithographs. He actually preferred to work with woodcuts and wood engravings, but his most recognized works are lithographs.

So the trip started out simple enough- my friend and I arrived roughly 20 minutes early, so we just chilled and chit-chatted. The class had agreed to meet at the museum around 2 in the afternoon. Eccentric Print Professor arrived around a quarter after. I knew this was going to be an odd venture when Awkward Kid (who had ridden with Eccentric Print Professor) meandered about the expansive lobby, and then disappeared. We all bought our admissions, but stood around for about 15 minutes or so waiting for him to turn up. Apparently, he was unaware that 1) You need to purchase admission. This is not a free museum and 2) You purchase said admission from the front desk that is labeled "Admissions and Information". Yup.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Whole New World...sorta.

Welcome, all, to my new corner of the internet. For those who are not familiar, allow me to introduce myself: I am Kay, an undergrad art student located in Northeast Ohio. This blog will be where I place various rantings, ravings, inquiries, observations, commentaries and so forth of various kinds. I will primarily focus on skepticism, politics/feminism, and the odd joys and frustrations of being an art student. The latter will be in which I regale you with various anecdotes of my classes and projects (names altered, of course), so that those of you who are not privy to what being an art student is like can bear witness to how completely ridiculous it can be at times.

At this point in time it is worth noting that since I am an art student, posts will be sporadic at best. Most likely when I'm at work. Or I am particularly irate or excited about some development. It is rare that I have moments in which to collect my thoughts enough to be something that resembles coherent. I will do my best to at leas post weekly, if not more so.

Thus, welcome and enjoy your stay!