Thursday, February 16, 2012

The GOP Knows No Bounds

I'm not dead, I promise.

Perhaps I'm like a feminist Hulk; it takes getting really angry to go on an argument-destroying rant.

Or maybe I'm like the fabled 'Bloody Mary' ghost of my youth; publicly diss women three times in a month, and I rise up to haunt your woman-hating ass.

Who knows. But I have to take a break out of the studio to write this and link to some of the many things that have been getting under my skin lately.

First, there's that blatant rape apologist that was on Faux News concerning the rising numbers of sexual assaults reported in the military.

Second, Virginia passed a law requiring doctors to vaginally rape women prior to an abortion. Yup.

Then PETA, in ever-greatening suckitude releases a video downplaying the severity of domestic abuse situations. Oh PETA, the organization that tact forgot.

And the thing the has been coming at me from all sides today:
The Catholics are angry. This should come as no surprise, as the various Archdiocese of this country find all sorts of things to get their panties into a twist over. But now they don't want to just affect their own neck of the woods; oh no, they want to crack down of all of us heathens living in sin.

They want to be exempt from the health care law requiring no co-pay for contraception. They don't want just themselves to be exempt, and they don't want just religious organizations to be exempt- the want any and all employers to deny coverage for anything they damn well please. Republicans the House Committee on Oversight are trying to say that this is a freedom of religion issue. That is a load of crock. This is a women's health issue. These privileged old white dude running archaic dogmatic institutions want to be able to deny basic female health care.

The republicans are finally showing their true colors. They, as a party, have taken up repressing women's rights to their own bodies as a fundamental cause. They don't care about the economy, or jobs, or foreign policy, or immigration policy; they want women back in the home and out of the workplace just like the "good ol' days". Perhaps the only silver lining to this is that they decided to launch this all out crusade in an election year. They have just shot themselves in the foot.

To make you feel better, here's a cute little chameleon:

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