Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apparently People Like Sex

So pretty much any and all real posts I had lined up are now on hold due to a concussion I received earlier this week. My thinking has been fuzzy and my ability to type has slowed immensely due to all my spelling errors, so I have to reread everything several times to make any sense.

So instead I'll link to an interesting article at Feministing that discusses the Trojan US Sex Survey and what it does/does not tell us, as sex is super complicated. As is researching sex, because asking people about it can be kind of tricky and people in this country on a whole tend to be very closed off about their sexuality.

The article discusses the differences in views on sex between men and women, as well as how we've still not managed to define what exactly counts as sex in our society at large. The always lovely Greta Christina did a post some time ago that I adore, that questions what constitutes sex and our obsession in America with the numbering of our sexual exploits.

I find this stuff fascinating; looking at sex in not just a scientific manner, but a sociological one as well. We are creatures built to live to fuck. And the ways our society is built around that is terribly interesting. So check them out, and I should be back to lambasting or praising someone or another in some coherent sense in a week or two.

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