Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Link Dump

As you can probably tell, I'm having quite a bit of downtime between finals. I can only work in the studios at night, so my days are relatively open.

So here are some fun things from around the interwebs:

Outsiders are more successful. I was a total outsider in High School. I was a band nerd and didn't come from the "right" part of town, and my parents came from working class families. My dad had a middle-range white-collar job, while my step-mom took care of my sister and I. We didn't fit in where we lived, and we were generally miserable as a family during our time in that city. But I like to think I've gone much farther and done much better for myself than most of my peers from High School.

I teared up while reading this blog entry from a lesbian living in Damascus. Truly awe-inspiring.

A new reversable, non-hormonal birth control for men is being studied. It basically cripples the sperm and destroys their cell membranes. It's still a long ways off from being put on the market, but I'm glad that we're finally moving away from decades old science in the realm of contraception.

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