Saturday, March 5, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Westboro Baptist Church and their inflammatory protests are protected under the First Amendment.

Honestly, I agree with the decision. Since the Phelps crew do not actually trespass or interfere with the ceremonial proceedings, their protests are on public land (typically), and they are nonviolent, they have every right to hold their (in my opinion) insanely grotesque public displays of bigotry. As much as I absolutely abhor the WBC and all they stand for, they have just as much of a right in this country to say what they say, as I do. I love how Greta Christina put it: as vile of speech these people spout, the protection of their rights ensures that unpopular or inflammatory rhetoric of any kind remains unhindered in the States.

I'm glad to see justice at work in these sometimes worrying times.

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