Saturday, March 26, 2011

For the Curious

For those out there saying "Kay, you say you are an art student, but where is your work?!" fear not. My work is available to view online (for the most part). I am terrible at keeping up with documenting my work, and tend to do so in batches that take the majority of my day to process (not including the actual photographing of the work). As a result, most of my work is not available to view online.

My online work can be seen at the following places:

My newly created Flickr account. This contains mostly college work and photography.

My DeviantArt account that I've had for years. Contains most of my documented work, and a lot of stuff from High School.

There is quite a bit of overlap between the two, and I think I may soon convert all of my work from dA over to Flickr, and use that account solely to follow artists on that site that I admire.

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