Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Whole New World...sorta.

Welcome, all, to my new corner of the internet. For those who are not familiar, allow me to introduce myself: I am Kay, an undergrad art student located in Northeast Ohio. This blog will be where I place various rantings, ravings, inquiries, observations, commentaries and so forth of various kinds. I will primarily focus on skepticism, politics/feminism, and the odd joys and frustrations of being an art student. The latter will be in which I regale you with various anecdotes of my classes and projects (names altered, of course), so that those of you who are not privy to what being an art student is like can bear witness to how completely ridiculous it can be at times.

At this point in time it is worth noting that since I am an art student, posts will be sporadic at best. Most likely when I'm at work. Or I am particularly irate or excited about some development. It is rare that I have moments in which to collect my thoughts enough to be something that resembles coherent. I will do my best to at leas post weekly, if not more so.

Thus, welcome and enjoy your stay!

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